The rescue of Yahloma

Last night, Hila Vazana from Ashdod phoned me (an animal activist). She told me that she is standing In Ad Halom junction with a donkey that some kids were try to drag on the road to Ashdod.
Hila, who is used to collecting and helping dogs and cats, was passing by the junction when she saw the donkey. She immediately stopped to see what was going on. She found out the the kids involved actually stole the donkey on Saturday from Moshav Sade Uziyahu, they dragged the donkey (wanting to reach Ashdod) and when they reached half way they gave up and tied the donkey to a tree. It was raining and freezing cold weather. The kids came back Sunday night and tried to continue their journey to Ashdod when Hila saw them. Hila called the Police and half an hour later the police arrived. The police officers realized that the donkey might get loose and reach the road and even cause an accident. They called the Municipality of Ashdods’ Vet, Dr. Boris Medinsky who arrived at the scene with Inspector David Boaron.
Hila insisted that the donkey will reach us at Pegasus and she stood in the freezing weather and rain for over an hour until she was sure that we were on our way.
When we arrived we saw the the Inspector and The Vet with the donkey. At close inspection we realized that the donkey wasn’t a Mr but a Miss. The lovely Dr. Medinsky was very happy that she will join Pegasus and be around other donkeys, he asked us to take good care of her and to spoil her.
She was lucky that Hila passed by when she did and that Hila made sure that she reached the right hands. If not for Hila, she would have gone through horrible abuse by those boys, struck with sticks and god knows what else?...


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