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תרומה חודשית

Wolfson was found wandering on Ayalon Highway near Wolfson Hospital, scared and alone with his ears partially cut off....


Shmaya was found tied up in an industrial area with his ears cut off...



Ofer was born to Michaela - a rescued mare that was abandoned and was found
in poor cindition.
offer was born prematurelly with crooked front legs and had to wear casts for a few weeks... 


Michaela & Ofer




Shmuela was rescued at the side of a busy road. She had a serious injury in her front leg and had to go through an amputation oparation...




Eldad was found by animal rescuer Eldad Hagar from "Hope for Paws".    
He was wandering with an injured leg near a road in the middle of the Israeli desert...



Freddie is a 20-30 year old mule that was taken in by Pegasus after being used by theives to carry iron...
- Passed away on 21/4/2015





Rainbow was found on the side of the road after she was hit by a car. She couldn't get up or move...


Einat is a blind mare that the Police found on the side
Of a road, they immediately called Pegasus and we her in....





Samson was found tied up by an iron chain, after being abused...





Samuel was found near the tomb of the prophet Samuel near an IDF checkpoint.
He was badly injured in his leg and couldn't stand or walk.



Rahat was taken after being badly abused in the city Rahat in southern Israel. he was set on fire by a group of teens...


Hope was found after being badly injured in a car accident on Route 6 and needed an urgent amputation operation.
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