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Wolfson's Story:

We found Wolfson about 6 years ago. We received a call from the police at 4 am telling us about a donkey running on Ayalon Highway near Wolfson junction endangering himself and the cars around him.
We set off straight away, and found him wandering alone, exhausted and scared. As we approached him we could see both his ears were partially cut off. We don’t know the reason for how this happened to him, but we presume he had gone through a rough time and it was probably a result of abuse.
We took Wolfson off the Highway and back to the Susita sanctuary. All the way back Wolfson didn't make a sound, even when we led him off the trailed and into the stables so he could rest and have some food. It seemed as though he didn't believe he was in a safe place and that his experiences so far were wouldn't allow his to have faith in people. In his first few days in Susita, the other donkeys were slightly intimidated by him because of his ears, and it took some time to be part of the 'gang'.
Wolfson's recovery was short; other than his ears, he wasn't suffering from injuries and only needed plenty of rest, food and kind treatment.
Wolfson today is a very friendly donkey, he has overcome the difficulties, getting alone well with the rest of the animals and is always happy to be spoiled and hugged by the team at Pegasus.
We are so happy to see a donkey that had gone through so much settling down to a new life of comfort, peace and love just as he deserves.

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