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Shmuela's Story:

An animal loving police officer named Ayelet came across a wounded mare who cut off a piece of her back leg and was wondering near a busy road close to Samuel the prophet's Grave.
Despite the authority's indifference Ayelet wouldn't leave the poorly animal without care, and eventually the news arrived to Pegasus. 
When we arrived we couldn't see her but didn't give up and continued looking.
Eventually we found her in a field with an injured leg held up in the air, bleeding.
We named her Shmuela and took her directly to the veterinary hospital where she had an amputation surgery, and replaced her leg with a prosthetic.
Her recovery took two weeks, but unfortunately the injury didn't heal properly and the veterinarian decided another surgery is necessary.
Smuela had gone through her second operation and it went very well.
her leg had healed and she is managing very well.

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