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Samuel's Story:

We found Samuel near the tomb of Samuel the prophet close to an IDF checkpoint.
We received a call from the soldiers at the post about a donkey lying on the ground for quite a while and it seemed like he couldn't get up. We set off straight away.
When we arrived, we saw the donkey lying on the side of the road near the post.
As we came closer, we could tell he was exhausted, hungry, and thirsty and was suffering from a bloody swollen hoop that was almost completely detached from his leg. We presume he was probably hit by a car.
We realized we had no time to spare because this donkey needs medical treatment as soon as possible. We tried to lead him to the trailer but Samuel was in so much pain he wouldn't get up. After some time trying to convince Samuel to walk to the trailer, he finally managed to stand, and with our support he got in and immediately laid down in it, so we drove off back to the sanctuary.
The veterinarian who came to examine Samuel determined his leg was in bad shape and the hoof will probably detach in the next few days and it's not certain the hoof will ever grow again. The vet added that treating him won't be easy or fast; we have to care for him daily, with medicine and changing his bandages and hopefully the hoof will grow again.

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