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Samson's Story:

We found Samson of Friday afternoon. we received some calls from people who saw a donkey tied up for three days and was neighing nonstop. They said they thought no one was bringing him any water.
We presume that the donkey was bought, ridden and abused by teens and was kept there for some time.
When we saw the donkey we immediately cut off the metal chain, led him onto our trailer and drove off, we were happy we rescued him and prevented any more abuse or pain, it was only when we arrived to Pegasus we realized how much he endured!
At first examination we noticed he had a disabled back leg, we can't bear the thought that he was forced to carry people on his back and suffer beatings.
We gave him the name Samson for two reasons. The first is that he was tied up with chains, and the second is that he is truly a hero, despite his disability he bravely stood up against his abusers and held on until we came for him, just like the biblical Samson who despite his blindness managed to defeat evil.
Other than his disability, Samson is a healthy donkey, but we decided he would stay in Susita- Pegasus's   sanctuary so he will always be safe and never harmed again!

Phone Number: 072-2313313
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Email: pegasus.org.israel@gmail.com
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