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Rainbow's Story:

It was Friday the 13th of January. Very early in the morning I was startled by the phone. It was the Police, informing me of a road accident which happened near Propfhet Samuel's Tomb.
At dawn, in a heavy rain and a windy storm with hardly any visibility at all, two donkeys marching on the road were hit by a car, whose driver was injured as well.
One of the donkeys did not survive the hit and was cleared away by the authorities. The second donkey was lying on the wet roadside, until we were summoned by the police.
When we arrived at the spot and parked by the donkey, the rain was so heavy that we could not hear each other.
We got out, opened the horse trailer and tried to get the donkey to stand up, but he was not able to rise, both on account of the injury and suffering from hypothermia.
The rain was still coming down hard and we were standing dangerously on the road, so we just dragged the donkey into the trailer, covered it with a blanket and took off.
When we arrived at our facility, we opened the trailer and tried to make the donkey stand up inside it, because outside it still rained heavily, but the donkey collapsed back each time we moved away from it. However, meanwhile we found out it was a female.

The vet who arrived shortly gave her pain killers but still she could not stand up. We decided to let her rest for a couple of days and reexamine her then.
After two days on pain killers the donkey looked better and ate well but still seemed unable to stand up. We summoned the vet to examine her one last time and maybe euthanise her. And then, only half an hour before the vet arrived, she suddenly got up, on her own. At that moment the sun also came out and a magnificent rainbow stretched across the horizon. We were stunned.
The vet keeps telling me that donkeys are not horses, they'll surprise you, they overcome stuff.
Today Rainbow – that's what we called her – is getting along nicely. Though she is a little bit lame, she is content and happily roams the grounds – she even chewed on some of our flower plants and mutilated the trunk of our fig tree.
Rainbow will remain with us as a permanent resident.
And for those who still mistrust "Friday the 13th" – there's a proof right there that even things that happen on such a suspect date can still have a happy ending.

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