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Hope's Story:

Hope was found after being hit by a car on Route 6 and was seriously injured. Her leg was completely shattered and had to be amputated. An operation like this cost a lot of money and we simply could not afford it.
We turned to the public and started Save a Life campaign in order to raise the funds for the injured mare.
The response was amazing and everyone really came through. We managed to raise the money and the mare's leg was successfully amputated. She was named Hope and had a few days of recovery at the Veterinary hospital in Beit Dagan.
She has now returned to Pegasus and starts to adjust to her new as a three legged mare, this won't be easy but we will be there with her every step on the way.

Phone Number: 072-2313313
Mobile: 050-9797123
Email: pegasus.org.israel@gmail.com
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