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Einat's Story:
One morning we got a call from Public Works Department (PWD), about a donkey on road 444 by Modi'im junction. When we arrived there we didn't see any donkey. We went on to Beit Nehemiah village and came back, and still no donkey. Just when we were going to give up, the police called about a donkey tied at the entrance to the village of Hadid, very close to the spot of the previous report. There, on the exit to Highway 1, there was Einat, tied with a thin cord and a police plastic tape. We could hardly park there and the vehicles sped by. Lucky for Einat, she didn't detach the cord and wander into the heavy traffic on the highway that even we were afraid to stand on. Only after several hours at Susita we realized just how lucky she was – or maybe it wasn't really luck but her condition that prevented her from moving around. When we started treating her and touched her, she recoiled as if scared by the touch. It was then that we realized Einat was blind in both eyes.
And then we remembered a call we got, from an English-speaking lady from Hadid, who told us about her neighbors who are abusing their mare, and for some reason we did not check it out. And here was another case, at the entrance to that village. Could that be the same mare?
Today Einat manages just fine with her other senses. She hears us in the morning at feeding time, and hears her cell
mates getting excited to see us. She knows exactly where the water trough is and where the food is laid out. If you didn't know her, you wouldn't suspect for a moment that she is not using her eyes to move about.
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