The story of Or - January 2015

For a week we have been trying to locate the white donkey from Lod.
Reports concerning it started about a week ago during the freezing
storm – and exact location couldn't be given.
I couldn't help thinking cold nights and the knowledge the streets
will be empty will give the opportunity for someone to hurt the donkey. Read more  


The rescue of Yahaloma  -January 2015

  Hila Vazana from Ashdod phoned me (an animal activist). She told me that
she is standing In Ad Halom junction with a donkey that some kids were try
to drag on the road to Ashdod.
Hila, who is used to collecting and helping dogs and cats, was passing by
the junction when she saw the donkey. She immediately stopped to see what
was going on. She found out the the kids involved actually stole the donkey
on Saturday from Moshav Sade Uziyahu Read More

The rescue of Nes-Ya

The city of Dimona is surrounded by the desert and occasionally, wounded donkeys come there while
sick, weak
and unable to walk long distances to find food and water
The donkey is a naturally curious animal and the great wide open calls him and intrigues him, which
at times land him in trouble
The Bedouins who live around the city tie the legs of the donkeys so they can't stray far or be
hit by a car on the road and cause accidents
That is apparently what happened to the mare that came near the city desperately seeking
food or water, her legs were tied and she might have hurt it stepping into a pothole, which limited
her movement but luckily she managed to find her way into town.
Lior, Moshe and ilay, 3 boys from Dimona who set out on a trip through the desert saw the exhausted
with her legs tied. The boys saw that her right leg was swollen and realized she was in distress. They freed her
legs and walked her back toward their home, where they fed her and gave her water and then called and
told us her story.
We called Doctor Natalia Forost the municipal vet at the city of Dimona and asked her to check the matter
as it was reported by boys. Indeed within half an hour she arrived there accompanied by Haim Verzky
head of the city improvement department. They recognized the boys with the mare and called us immediately
. Doctor Natalia checked the mare leg and informed us that it was badly hurt and asked us to hurry and arrive

ASAP in fear she will be taken by other teenagers who would try and ride her or badger her.
When we arrived and saw here, we realized it was a miracle, two more days of wandering in the desert with no
water and badly hurt tied legs, she wouldn't have survived.
Today we light the first candle of Hanukkah, and this is definitely a Hanukkah miracle, which is why we decided
to call her NES-YA (a miracle from god in Hebrew)
Happy Hanukkah to all of us and please make a wish tonight when you light the candle, that horses and donkeys will
get a little more light in their lives!

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