For a week we have been trying to locate the white donkey from Lod.
Reports concerning it started about a week ago during the freezing storm – and
exact location couldn't be given.
I couldn't help thinking cold nights and the knowledge the streets will be
empty will give the opportunity for someone to hurt the donkey.
Dr Or, Lod City hall Vet, also received reports concerning it but wherever
commissionaires went it couldn't be found.
Today at lunch time it was finally found. Dr Or happily told me that it was
found and the commissionaire Mr. Meir Edri stood by it and waited for my arrival.
When I first arrived there I saw at first scan that the donkey seemed ok but
the sad look in her eyes brought the suspicion something was wrong and
something bad took place. It's only when we got back to Pegasus that I realized
it was a young female around one year old that was abused by someone in an unthinkable way,
someone wounded her in her private areas till she bled. 
The thought of that week of freezing cold, rain, humiliation and abuse of this type simply
doesn't let go, the idea we might have done more to find her – simply leaves me restless.

A week later the vet came for a re-check of the jenny from Lod that was physically
and sexually abused. Turns out she quickly recovered, and aside from a few dry scars
she is completely healthy with no infection or inflammation. These are good news.
The jenny is still in shock, and she is very suspicious to the whole human race.
She has all the right to.
we have decided to name her Or out of 2 reasons: as tribute to Dr. Or Raz, Lod's district vet
who got the message about the mare and arranged for us to save her, and also since lately Or's mood
improved and she began to play with the other donkeys as befitting a one year old baby and we
can see that her sad and listless eyes are now lit with hope and faith that not all is bad - in Hebrew
OR means light. 

The Story of Or

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