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Pegasus, an Israeli equine sanctuary, has rescued a donkey set on fire by a group of children.The donkey, named Raht, was covered with a nylon sheet, which was then coated with kerosene and lit. The children then placed another sheet over Raht to hide the wounds and were seen riding him in the days following the incident...Continue reading 

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From THE JEWISH CHRONICLE, December 2011
An international animal rights charity has made donkeys the focus of its Christmas appeal, and has picked a sanctuary in Israel.
Former "pet detective" Zvika Tamuz, who has run a donkey sanctuary since 2007, has been championed by the World Society for the Protection of Animals.
"In biblical times, the donkey was honourable," he said. "Now he is something that can be kicked around. I am trying to give them back their honour. They say the Messiah will come on a donkey. Until then, I will take care of them... 
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From The Telegraph, December 2011
There’s a picture of a donkey on a Christmas card on my mantelpiece, standing outside a snow-covered stable in a classic nativity image. The donkey is hardly the star of the scene, but looks happy enough: work done, shelter and food for the night assured. Here is another picture of a donkey in the Holy Land, described to me on a recent visit: an animal set on fire, then cruelly abused, saved only by the intervention of volunteers from a painful death. No beast of burden should have to suffer that much... Continue reading
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